Monday, January 23, 2006


Meritorious Mast award

Sergeant Anthony J Friesner was, on the 31st day of October, 2005, the subject of a Meritorious Mast conducted by the Commanding Officer 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, 2nd Marine Division for outstanding service as follows:
superior performance of duty while serving from 22 September 2005 to 27 September 2005 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. During this period, Sergeant Friesner performed his duties in an exemplary manner. During the preparatory phase of Operation Iron Fist, he demonstrated exceptional proficiency as he assisted in building the battalion’s terrain model. Sergeant Friesner's technical expertise and resourcefulness were critical to mission success because of his accurate depiction of terrain. His exceptional performance contributed significantly to the combat effectiveness of the battalion during the conduct of the operation. By virtue of your professionalism, devotion to duty and espirit de corps, you have brought great credit upon yourself, this organization, and the United States Marine Corps. It is with respect and sincere appreciation that I extend to you, Sergeant Friesner, a job well done.
J.D. Alford, USMC Lieutenant
Colonel Commanding Officer

Congratulations Sir!
Well done, Sgt.! Now kick some terrorist butt and get home to your family!
Its good to see you posting again
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