Friday, September 23, 2005


Missing You

Tony sent me this poem this morning and it's really well-written. Hope it touches you as it touches me and causes you to pray for those who are separated from their loved ones. -M

Do you ever wonder how I spend my days,
With the one I love so far away.

Here is how they begin and how they end.
With each new sun they start again.

I walk to chow without my friend,
I eat my breakfast alone and then,

I think of you and wait for chow,
Another lonely lunch I wonder how.

How will I last without you here.
I eat my dinner without you near.

This empty seat that follows me,
Seems to never let me be.

It's time for bed as dark moves in,
I'll sleep in bed alone again.

I drift to sleep and dreaming starts,
Of the one who stole my heart.

The sun comes up and it starts again.
It seems this missing you won't end.

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