Friday, September 23, 2005


Missing You

Tony sent me this poem this morning and it's really well-written. Hope it touches you as it touches me and causes you to pray for those who are separated from their loved ones. -M

Do you ever wonder how I spend my days,
With the one I love so far away.

Here is how they begin and how they end.
With each new sun they start again.

I walk to chow without my friend,
I eat my breakfast alone and then,

I think of you and wait for chow,
Another lonely lunch I wonder how.

How will I last without you here.
I eat my dinner without you near.

This empty seat that follows me,
Seems to never let me be.

It's time for bed as dark moves in,
I'll sleep in bed alone again.

I drift to sleep and dreaming starts,
Of the one who stole my heart.

The sun comes up and it starts again.
It seems this missing you won't end.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Letter from Marcie

I wrote this letter to Tony tonight and thought it might give you a glimpse of our responsibility as Americans and also a glimpse of the love my husband and I share. -M
Hello Love! I just finished watching "The Flight that Fought Back" on the Discovery Channel. It's the story of Flight 93. While watching this, I felt such a strong sense of pride in your service to our country. You do not realize how incredible I think you are!! Your sacrifice is one I would not be willing to make myself. . . although I'm perfectly capable. I am grateful for your love and dedication to both your country and your family. You are the greatest thing in my life which makes this time the hardest time in my life. I pray for strength and hope for both of us during this time. I also pray we will be able to take each day as it comes without worrying about tomorrow.Oh - I have some good news - I found our taxes folder in a box in the garage! Isn't that great!? Lot's of good they are to me now. Oh well. . . at least if they decide to audit us I'll have the documentation.Sylvia's husband had guard duty this weekend, so I invited them to stay here. The kids just loved Baby Paul (6mos). It really was nice having them here. She is a good mother and Paul is much like Kara very content and happy. I enjoyed having them to talk with since they've been through this. Although his job was nothing like yours, her feelings were much like mine.I talked to another wife today. She said her husband hasn't called her since he left and she's only gotten one e-mail from him. It really makes me grateful that you are so committed to writing and calling. I can't imagine only getting one e-mail in all this time. I feel bad for her. Wendy e-mailed me the other day and said she's really excited about the Bible study. She also told me how grateful she was for my idea for this and for getting everything together. She said, "You've been a blessing in so many ways!" It was really inspiring!It was so hard to go on base this past week and especially to Andy's. . . I know I won't do that again. I think I'll avoid going on base as much as possible. . . it's just too difficult to see those guys, b/c it reminds me of how much I long to be with you.Oh - I finally got the cd made for you with the poem and video. I think you'll like it. The video's a little fuzzy but still good.I want you to know that you are the best husband a woman could ever dream of having. . . you love me, and pleasure me, and sacrifice for me, and care about me, and massage me, and comfort me, and strengthen me, and carry me, and lift me, and thrill me, and give all you have for me. I hope you know that and also know what great food you're missing. . . :-) We had sweet potato casserole tonight. I can't wait to hold you in my arms again and feel your warmth around me,Love,Marcie

Friday, September 02, 2005


The Reality

This is a poem I wrote for my wife recently:

I hate it that I had to go
And miss you more than you'll ever know
God sent me here to this place
And everywhere I look I see his face
I must trust in him to see this through
So that I can come home to you
I miss you more everyday
And love you more in everyway
It is this pain that I must weather
So that I can love you better

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